Anti Slip Systems

Anti slip treatments for tiles, terrazzo, granite and porcelain should be able to increase the slip resistance without dramatically changing the appearance or make the floor harder to maintain.

JSE Contract Services use a unique, moisture reactive treatment that chemically bonds into the surface pores of the substrate that instantly reacts when it comes into contact with moisture.

Even the moisture on a wet shoe or foot is enough to trigger the reaction. 

This system is not a coating, not an acid etching product and once the floor has been treated there is no cure time or drying time required, so the floor can be walked on immediately

The anti slip treatment can be applied both internally and externally in almost any environment to create a long lasting slip resistant surface. 

Areas of Use

Our specialist anti-slip coatings and flooring can be used in:

  • Swimming pools + Leisure centre
  • Toilets and Shower areas
  • Shopping centres
  • Entrance and Reception areas
  • Kitchens + Restaurants
  • Supermarkets – Retail stores

Featured Non-Slip Flooring Projects