Local Authorities

Local authorities look after virtually every surface in every environment, so they need a company that can provide a one stop service for all their slip prevention issues

JSE Contract Services work with many local authorities and provide them with non – slip solutions for every surface  in any environment.

We also provide a slip testing and reporting service, where we can test the floor and advise on the best possible, cost effective solution, which help them fulfil their duty or care requirements

We pride ourselves on being able to help these authorities as a specialist provider and one stop solution.

We never offer short term quick fix answers, as this isn’t cost effective and we advise accordingly.

Areas treated include:

  • Public toilets
  • Town hall entrances
  • Disabled facilities + access
  • Public transport
  • Public swimming pools
  • School kitchens, entrances + toilets
  • Leisure centres – gymnasiums

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