Metal – Chequer Plate/Aluminium

Metal has been used in the construction of vehicular and pedestrian access installations for many years primarily because it is long lasting and robust but these surfaces can become every slippery in heavy traffic conditions causing the surface to become polished which presents a serious safety hazard when the surface is wet.

JSE Contract Services provide anti slip solutions for every type of metal from chequer plate, cast iron and stainless steel to flexible aluminium.

The systems we install are abrasion, corrosion and impact resistant and can be used in pedestrian and vehicular environments.

We also apply coatings to highlight step edges on access steps and fire escapes etc. which are extremely slip resistant in any weather and help comply with current D.D.A / Building regulations.

Any environment can be catered for even dock levellers and RO / RO Ramps on ships can be made skid / slip resistant, with cure times under 30 mintues minimising downtime.

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