Tactile/Hazard Warning Surfacing

DDA (Disability Discrimination Act 1995) compliance is a legal requirement when considering the ease of access into buildings.

Tactile hazard warning surfaces are installed to help the visually impaired be aware of a specific hazard before they get to it.

JSE Contract Services install unique tactile surfaces that do not require any excavation or the surface that are fully DDA and building regulation “DOC M “ compliant and can be installed on any surface.

We also offer a range of rigid and flexible tactile panels that are extremely hard wearing, slip resistant and fully compliant and can also be installed on to any level surface with little or no preparation work required.

Our range include corduroy and blister tactiles to meet the requirements of any industry and we also supply and install stud indicators which can be used as skate board deterrents on any surface and come in stainless steel, brass or polyurethane with a slip resistant finish.

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