Hazard Surfacing

JSE Contract Services Ltd install tactile and hazard warning surfaces on steps and ramps etc to help the visually impaired be aware of specific hazards before they get to them.

We install flexible and rigid tactile panels that are fully DDA compliant and can be installed on virtually any surface without the need for costly excavation.

Our ultra fast drying,hard wearing resins are used to highlight step edges quickly without the need to close entrances for long periods of time.

We are also approved contractors for many different anti slip systems, including the K Grip system which is used to highlight step edges and install customers names and logos etc in to floors, which is widely used in retail and commercial environments.

The materials we use for our tactiles include Stainless Steel, Brass, Polyurethane and GRP etc which are among the hardest materials used in our industry, which make all our installations durable and extremely long lasting.

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