Slip Testing

It is important that you know how slippery your floors are, as you not only have a duty of care to your staff and customers but it is also a legal requirement that you provide safe access and egress to your premises.

JSE Contract Services provide a comprehensive slip resistance assessment service using equipment approved and used by the Health and Safety Executive and UK Slip Resistance Group to approved British standards, followed by the provision of a comprehensive written report that can be included as part of your risk assessment procedure for your floors.

On-Site Testing

Our on site testing service is invaluable in assessing the slip resistance of a floor under its usual working conditions, which can identify potential cleaning / working practices that are causing slip issues that haven’t been previously identified.

In-House Testing

Before a floor is installed it is a good idea to have the floor type tested to assess its slip resistance and suitability for its chosen use.

By testing a small sample of the flooring material, we can give our customers the opportunity to change the specification and potentially save money and injuries!

We undertake testing at our premises using approved, British Standard testing equipment on individual floor samples and provide either a slip test certificate or in-depth report on our findings to suit our client’s budget.

If you need help with Slip Testing then please call 01159267880. We pride ourselves on no-nonsense, sensible advice and best of all its free.