Vinyl/Amtico Altro

Vinyl floor coverings are used in virtually every building you my encounter and provide a wide range of decorating long lasting finishes.

Most vinyl’s provide excellent slip resistance in wet conditions, but many do not and are dangerously slippery when wet or greasy.

Even the vinyl’s that started off being slip resistant, can become worn and eventually will become slippery if not properly maintained.

JSE contract services provide unique solutions for vinyl, Amtico and altro floors from virtually invisible systems to decorative systems to match the existing floor covering in matt, semi-gloss or high gloss finishes.

These systems have outstanding adhesion to the existing substrate and are as flexible as the vinyl itself.

If your floor has worn in certain areas due to high traffic etc, and has become slippery, the usual solution would be to replace the whole floor, but now you have the option to apply a clear coating with an anti slip Additive which is virtually invisible saving downtime and costly claims.

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