Decking – Timber/Composite

Wooden and composite decking has become widely used throughout many industries and especially for domestic use, as it is a cost effective way to extend a property.

Unfortunately most types of decking can become very slippery when wet and if the surface becomes weathered or worn and not correctly maintained then it can become extremely dangerous.

JSE Contract Services provide a wide range of tried, tested and proven non – slip safety surfacing solutions for wooden and composite decking.

We can install clear coatings to maintain or enhance the beauty of the decking or coloured systems to hide weathered or worn surfaces.

We also supply and install other anti – slip decking solutions, such as stainless steel anti slip inserts, which are extremely long lasting and unobtrusive, GRP decking strips or sheets in a variety of widths and colours for high traffic areas and all of these systems can be supplied for DIY application if required.

Composite decking is now widely used on a commercial basis due to its low maintenance costs and long life expectancy, but what isn’t widely known is that this type of material can be very slippery in the wet.

We were one of the first companies in the UK to come up with a solution for this material that didn’t dramatically change the appearance of the surface but did achieve outstanding slip resistance in wet conditions.

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