Non Slip Surfaces

JSE Contract Services provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of safety surfacing solutions in the UK.

We believe that short term solutions or quick fix answers are not the correct approach when dealing with the prevention of slips.

No matter what the surface or environment we can provide tried and tested solutions that will last for years.

Many of the coatings we apply have non slip additives added to enhance the slip resistance or the surface but we only use aluminium oxide / bauxite or industrial diamond, which are nearly as hard as diamond and will outlast any product on the market.

All our systems are fit for purpose and designed to meet the specific demands and requirements of the surface and environment where it will be used.

Whatever the slip problem you have get in touch with us as we love a challenge and have yet to find a surface we can’t make safe.

If you need help with Non Slip Services call us today on, 0115 926 7880. We pride ourselves on no-nonsense, sensible advice and best of all its free.