Ceramic, Porcelain, Quarry

Tiles are one of the most popular long lasting ways of enhancing the appearance of any floor in virtually any environment. 

Unfortunately most tiles when worn or wet offer very little slip resistance and in swimming pools or shower areas etc this can post a safety issue.

JSE Contract Services have tried and tested many products over the years to try and find a product that does not change the appearance of the surface, does not damage or make the surface harder to clean but will increase the slip resistance of the surface in wet conditions. 

We can provide an anti-slip treatment that is virtually invisible, not an acid etch system, does not damage the surface, is easily cleaned and maintained, increases the slip resistance drastically and can be walked on immediately following treatment. 

This system is safe to us in any environment and we can supply D.I.Y packs for small areas or domestic households it’s that simple to use and very effective at reducing slip injuries.   

Featured Non-Slip Flooring Projects